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Through this website we wish that women, pregnant women, birthing women, mothers and their families may receive messages for wellbeing, joy and self confidence so that pregnancy, birth and the baby’s/ies’ care can become sources of self-knowledge, maturity, ecstacy and so that the baby can obtain the bases to reach its full potential in the course of their lives. ThemisThys

Some main principles:

-          The mother and baby/ies form a unit during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. They should be treated as such, as one’s condition greatly affects the other’s.

-          Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding/postpartum are wonderful experiences but also natural events of life; the female body is especially made for these and in most cases birth professionals need only be there to offer discreet support.

What is support for us:

-          To offer thorough and objective resources, based on the best available evidence about the benefits, the risks and the alternatives, so that parents can make informed choices on what suits them best when it comes to medical tests, procedures and treatments. Thyshand

-          To offer an atmosphere of care and communication, by encouraging the expression of emotions and with respect to privacy and personal beliefs.

-          To help the MotherBaby dyad discover and trust their own abilities, their own ways, rhythms and timing, because every pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding/postpartum experience is unique.




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